The Entrepreneur Guidebook


To make it easier for entrepreneur minds also looking for new horizons to start their business abroad!


By creating an Entrepreneur Guidebook in 6 volumes, one per continent (South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa) with stories and advice from expatriate and local entrepreneurs from everywhere in the world!


We will cycle across the 6 continents to meet and interview these entrepreneurs. Our first mission, taken on by the 2 founders, Paul and Corentin, consisted in 10,000km cycled across South America, from Buenos Aires to Quito, and 28 entrepreneurs met. A new team of students in their gap year will take up the torch on another continent every year!
After two other teams which participated to the project in 2019 by exploring Central Asia and North America; it’s now no more than 3 teams which will be going in 2020. The first one is already gone to South-East Asia.

Review of the first mission

Our first mission: South America

5 countries - 6 months - 10,000 km

We wanted to demonstrate the importance of this continent in full economic development but also determine the entrepreneurial potential of each of its country. Latin America represented an ideal starting point to launch the Rocket Bike project: numerous start-ups are implanted in big cities and plenty of innovative initiatives in favour of the environment, the social inclusion and the alternative economy are blooming through the continent.


Realize structured interviews for each entrepreneur we meet

Country profiles

Publish detailed country profiles discussing the potential and modalities of entrepreneurship in each country


Meet both a sportive and human challenge


Share our adventure live through the social networks and on our different media


Be a source of inspiration and motivation for those wishing to dash into an entrepreneurial adventure abroad


Leave a testimony via the publication of our guide and our conferences