The sixth team

Southern America

The Zen sportsman

Don’t let his porcelain complexion fool you, our Nice native Jonathan has the sun and the French Riviera under his skin!
Very sporty, he has tried everything: windsurfing, surfing, judo, volleyball, rugby, or even krav maga!
As curious in sport as in life, he will always be delighted to debate with you on existential or more futile questions and he always shows a great open-mindedness.
Jonathan wants to change the world on his own scale and for him this means above all respecting the environment both in his work and in his personal life.


With her many years of kendo, tennis and a taste for rugby, Marie is a fighter always ready to surpass herself… and this despite her record of broken body parts!

If you meet her one day, you will be above all marked by her pep and her big smile. In particular, you will appreciate her openness and social ease!

A woman committed to any social or ecological subject, Marie can discuss with you what you like, and you will then feel her admirable desire to make things happen!

Our strengths

A team is not the sum of its parts. What better way for two adventurers like us to prove it by cycling more than 10,000km across a continent?

An adventure, yes, but with a goal is better! As two entrepreneurship enthusiasts, this journey will allow us to put all of our qualities to good use. A strong team spirit as well as a strong taste for sport will be necessary to carry out our mission. No anxiety about the sporting challenge then! And what about the professional challenge? The sympathy of our team, combined with the visionary spirit of one and the perseverance of the other, leaves no room for doubt!

It is full of ambition that we will leave on February to cycle across North America to conquer the entrepreneurs on the other side of the Atlantic.

Sports lovers
Team spirit