They trust us!

Without them, this project would not be possible.

Bricoman is Adeo’s chain for the construction professionals, the 1st European distributor of the housing occupations. Founded in 1999, this company has been developing itself on the whole French territory with a network of 37 stores. Bricoman is a human company built on strong values joining Rocket Bike’s own about closeness, efficiency, commitment and teamwork.
BRICKS Startup Studio
Bricks is a startup studio. They partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to develop technological startups in the entertainment industry (advertising, content, social networks, video, mobile, audiences,…)
Hall Aventure
Specialist of the cruiser bike, Hall Aventure is a company close to its customers. Christian, his founder, is passionate about fishing and cruiser bikes. Conceived in Ocqueville in his workshop, our three bikes are quite equipped and ready to cycle through South America. Thanks to Hall Aventure, we were able to get a personalized welcome and a on-demand assembly of the bikes.
Centrale Lille Projets
Centrale Lille Projets is the Junior-Enterprise of Centrale Lille and offers services to professionals in the fields of engineering, marketing and IT.
La Guilde
La Guilde is one of the 28 voolunteering organizations approved by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE). As such, la Guilde has the possibility to send volunteers on mission within the legal status of Volunteering of International Solidarity framework (VSI). Faithful to its vocation to support the initiatives of small international solidarity associations, la Guide quickly stood up as a standard organization regarding intermediation for volunteers' management.
Famileo arose from a quite simple idea: take the best of the different means of communication and put them in the service of family happiness. It is so simple to send a digital message and so nice to get real paper mail! The beautiful affair takes a quite particular dimension when we understand that she allows isolated persons to strengthen the link with what they cherish most: their relatives! Rather than letting the new technologies take away from us the pleasures of correspondence, Famileo’s team chose to approach the subject the other way around by publishing newspapers stemming from digital messages which are going to boost the exchanges and feed richer and more frequent conversations. Famileo’s objective is to create a new communications tool which, through its features, contributes to maintain or restore the links between the elderly and their families.
Union of French Citizens Abroad (UFE)
You are intending to leave abroad? You are expatriate? You are returning to France? Recognized public-interest association, the Assembly of French Citizens Overseas (UFE) is a network gathering French people and francophiles together worldwide. Its action comes around its 4 values: Welcoming, Mutual Aid, Conviviality and France Outreach. With more than 170 local associations in hundred countries and Headquarters in Paris, the UFE defends the interests of the French citizens abroad and brings them support and help on a daily basis. Surrounded by a team of partners in the main areas affecting expatriation, the education, the real estate, the tax system, the pension, the employment, the Assembly of French Citizens Overseas is, since 1927, your best ally during all your expatriate's life!
Logo cyclo-randonnée
Cyclo-randonnée is a specialized website for cyclists. It offers cycling and camping equipment to accompany travelers in their adventure. The accessories are selected with care and expertise by bike lovers.
Cyclable wants to make it possible for as many people as possible to get around by bike, whether it's to go to work, go on a trip, travel with the family or simply for fun. Through its online store and its 54 bike shops located throughout France and Switzerland, Cyclable provides access to many types of bikes and equipment adapted to your needs and numerous services.
DIM Sport
AVA Insurances
AVA, international mobility broker specialist since 1981, insures every year more than 30,000 travelers all over the world with contracts adapted to every type of stay: studies, Vacancy Work Programs, tourism, business travel or expatriation. ¦ Contact us for further information by calling the +33 (0) or sending an email to ¦ More details on
Forum Rencontre of Centrale Lille
The aim of the Forum is to enable a fruitful meeting between companies and students. For both the former and the latter, it is an opportunity to prepare for the future. For an internship or a first job, more than 2000 students and young graduates are present every year at the Forum Rencontre to meet more than 80 companies.