The Fourth Team

South-East Asia


Pure product of the North of France, Gauthier chose to go into exile under the sun of Nice to learn more about the financial ecosystem of startups. With a few entrepreneurial experiences behind him, it was in South-East Asia that he decided to go and confront those who launched their business. Will Rocket Bike be the trigger for a crazy entrepeneurial aventure for this relentless cyclist?


As a hitchhiker with the association he chaired, Melchior has travelled to various continents. A bit sporty, a bit resourceful, he is above all ready to do anything to discover Asia and its entrepreneurs and why not lay the first stone of a startup project there.

Our Team in few words

Who says you have to be athletic to do Rocket Bike?

With Melchior and Gauthier, two complementary profiles will be riding the roads of Southeast Asia, from Myanmar to Singapore. They both come from EDHEC where they met each other when they joined the hitchhiking association but they have very different backgrounds. Melchior has just graduated from military prep school and is heading straight for a master’s degree in entrepreneurship, while Gauthier has a more traditional pathway, coming out of ECS prep school and going towards a master’s degree in corporate finance.

It is with a lot of a priori but also with a lot of good will and curiosity that the two friends will confront the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region.

In a region as disparate as Southeast Asia, the two adventurers will therefore be able to observe entrepreneurship in developing countries such as Laos; in countries that are opening up to the world at very high speed such as Myanmar and Cambodia; in countries that have proven themselves as emerging like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam; or finally a megalopolis like Singapore, a world’s leading business center