The founders

South America

Founder & Chief Adventurer

Curious, always enthusiastic and open-minded, Paul is always trying to form ties by meeting new people. He will be the right man to create the first contact with the local population to find us a 5-stars accommodation in every kind of situation. Last of a family of 6 children, Paul has always been used to the life in community, resourcefulness and adventure. Mindful of his friends and family, he will be a major element in the cohesion of the group.

Surfing and hiking during the holidays, Paul remains a fine competitor, a state of mind he has forged during his years of waterpolo and running.

Founder & Chief Entrepreneur

Corentin has one objective in mind: start companies abroad. The watchword: as many successful projects possible in as many countries possible! Particularly perfectionist, he is the creative soul of the team, both for its dreams of entrepreneurship as for its skills in graphic and video design. Having also won a literary prize in Poetry, writing articles for Rocket Bike will be child’s play for him!

If you thought that he was the non-sportive element of the group, make no mistake! Passionate about rugby, which he has been playing for years, he was also born on skis and competed in the 2017 Student Ski World Cup, organized by GEM, in the discipline of Boardercross.


Nicolas is the third companion of the first edition. Showing a lot of resourcefulness and a sharp spirit, he always succeeds in finding a solution to repair a technical issue. Engaged for several years in scouting, Nicolas is arguably the team’s Mac Gyver! The legend says that he could start a fire with a toothpick and even make circles with a set square…

To his credit: Paris-Vannes (2013), Paris-Brest (2014), Paris-Dieppe (2014), Paris-Amsterdam (2015) and Paris-Bayonne (2016).

Our strengths

All three of us express a keen interest in entrepreneurship and, for a few years, our passion for adventure and the wide open spaces has been inspiring us to plan a significant journey. It is also the thirst of discoveries and the search for closeness with the populations and their culture that guided us towards this challenge. These elements naturally became fundamental aspects of our project.

Wishing to be entrepreneurs abroad, we realized during our studies and within our close circle that starting a business in his or her country of origin still remains way easier than abroad. In a world that is becoming more and more global every day, it seems crucial to us to reduce this gap and to make the entrepreneurial adventure abroad as accessible as it is at home.